Planning List



IF YOU’VE NEVER FISHED IN THE TROPICS, read this carefully. Probably the greatest risk to the success of your trip relates to the different ways you can get too much tropical sun. For your first few days on the water, you should wear long sleeved shirts and long pants along with a wide brim hat. You can reduce your body cover to shorts and short sleeves after you’ve developed an understanding of how your body is going to react to being on the water all day. Sun block and lip protection are equally important, especially the first few days while you’re getting acclimated. Polarized sunglasses (preferably one of the excellent flats fishing models that are on the market today) are critical to your ability to be able to see the fish.

Clothing Personal Items
__Wide Brimmed Hat
__ Light Weight Shirts (Short & Long Sleeved)
__ Light Weight Pants
__ Light Weight Shorts
__ Underwear
__ Socks
__ Shoes/Sneakers
__ Light Rain Poncho w/hood
__ Windbreaker
__ Sun Gloves
__ Swim Wear

__ Itinerary & Phone Contacts
__ Airline Tickets
__ Passport
__ Cash
__ Snorkel & fins
__ Notebook/Reading Material
__ Flashlight & Extra Batteries
__ Sewing Kit
__ Toiletries or Cosmetics
__ Medications
__ First Aid Kit.
__ Sunscreen (30 SPF or higher)
__ Lip Balm (SPF)
__ Insect Repellent (DEET)/Avon’s Skin So Soft
__ Cortaid for Bites

Photography Equipment Fishing Gear
__ Camera
__ Video Camera
__ Lenses
__ Film & Tapes
__ Batteries
__ Lens Cleaner
__Waterproof Case
__ Film
__ Rods, Reels, etc.
__ Polarized Glasses
__ Boat Bag (Waterproof)
__ Pliers
__ Hook File
__ Boat Shoes/Socks
__ Pocket Knife
__ A Few Large Plastic Garbage Bags

Note: The pants with zip-off legs provide a great option. If your legs have had enough sun, you can get protection fast. Make sure you get them made from the lightest possible material.

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