Trip Questionnaire

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This form is provided to gather information to complete preparations for your Belize trip.

We are scheduled aboard the _________for a party of ____ from ______ to ________.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: I will be arriving Belize City on


I will be departing Belize City on
Name:_________________________________________Home Phone________________________________

Are there any special dietary factors to consider for your meals?________________________________

My fishing priorities are: (number your top 3 with 1 being your TOP priority)

____ “Sight fish” for bonefish (____ spin; ____ fly)
____ “Sight fish” for tarpon (____ spin; ____ fly)
____ “Sight fish” for permit (____ spin; ____ fly)
____ Catch a tarpon regardless of fishing method
____ Catch as many fish as possible regardless of species or fishing method
____ Troll near reef for a variety of fish
____Cast to mangrove edges for snappers, snook, and “baby” tarpon
____Cast my first bonefish on a fly
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My level of casting experience is best described as…..

Spin fishing or bait casting:
____ Novice
____ Reasonably accurate
____ Very accurate
Fly Fishing Experience:
____ Never
____ Fished for trout
____ Fished for bonefish and/or tarpon
____ I can “double-haul” and cast to 50 – 60 feet
____ I have no saltwater fly fishing experience, but I am willing to suffer some frustration to learn.

In the event of an emergency, contact:

Liability Waiver: Please Read Carefully! Belize Fishing Adventures or any of it’s associates acts as an agent for resorts, outfitters, guides, and other service providers, which are separate businesses. Trips offered by us entail some inherent risk of injury, illness, or death due to various occurences. We are not responsible for any such injury, illness or death. Belize Fishing Adventures, Fly Fishing Adventures or any of our associates (et al) is not responsible for acts of God, such as but not limited to bad weather, forst fires, airline strikes, wars, or civil unrest. No refund of deposits or payments will be given under such circumstances. If you are going to be traveling outside of the United States we recommend that you check with your personal physician regarding precautions you should take and preparations you should make. To protect your investment in your travel plans, we recommend that you consider trip cancellation insurance. There are links to two different forms of travel insurance on the home page of this website:

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